2015 SEO services and immutable rules

2014 can be considered a volatile year with the majority of Vietnamese SEOers according to moz statistics, last year there were 13 times Google's algorithm was updated. SEO continuously changed, new trends need to be updated. Japanese and developed continuously, a series of large satellite systems of units that made report services , backlink buying and selling websites were also involved, There were too many people crying but very few people laughed. This article doiseo.vn would like to share 6 immutable principles when doing business in 2015

Back in 2012 when a lot of technology giants identified and predicted mobile traffic would exceed the traffic from desktop computers in 2014, and unfortunately it was correct
in Google. recently added some "Mobile-friendly" icons in search results to provide the best experience for users.

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Optimized for Bing, Yahoo
2015 could be the year when some other search engines started to have more market share? It seems like this is a million dollar question every year, but some recent developments show that it might be possible.

Firefox kicks Google into the curb and Yahoo will now be the default search engine for the browser. Google's deal also went up with Safari in 2015, and reports including Bing and Yahoo are trying to secure it. The options to switch the default browser in iOS 8 and OS X from Google to DuckDuckGo also exist.

With options other than Google becoming more popular and accepting it will make it important to be able to display on search engines in addition to Google.

Focus on ROI metrics
If you or your SEO company is still focused on keyword rankings and determines the success of your campaign based on keyword placement, then it's time for a big wake up call. Ranking reports can be made to look beautiful and some SEO companies will even target useless keywords just to say,

Focus more on social media approaches
Social media was once just a platform to share content, so businesses would sign up for all social platforms under the sun and their content explosions everywhere. . Social media is now a marketing channel as well as a customer service channel. Your society hopes your brand audience to engage with them on a more personal level.

It is more efficient to focus on two or three social media platforms and lots of activity and capacity. This not only helps you create more potential, sales and revenue, but it also helps build a very loyal following that will share your content. This can introduce new people to your brand and even the opportunity to earn links.

Create natural links instead of link building
Through all the updates and algorithm changes over the years there is one thing still the same: inbound links are the most influential signals of trust and authority. This will not change - not in 2015 or soon.

The days of building links on related blogs and chasing with a large number of links to gaming, search results on. Earning a unique link on a relevant high quality website is valuable for many reasons including SEO, referral traffic attraction, leads, sales and branding exposure. . Look for traditional PR and SEO to work closer together in 2015.

Target more accurate keywords and search terms
The days of targeting broad keywords are coming to an end. While they tend to have a huge search volume, they don't attract targeted and expensive traffic to rank. Targeting long-tail search queries not only attracts qualified "buyer" traffic, but these terms will often be more or less competitive. Keyword research along with an understanding of shopping and buying target customer samples can help identify search terms and phrases that come after.

Businesses will always crave organic search, and search engine optimization is the vehicle to drive very coveted traffic. What are some SEO changes you foresee in 2015?

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