Does Google Authorship affect Website traffic?

Google Authorship is a new criterion that helps protect user self-created content through Google+ accounts. After you verify Authorship, all content has Authorship and all articles of other Website that have not yet copied content will be ranked lower on Google search rankings.

Alex Yumashev confuses everyone with the claim that Google Authorship reduces 90% of his traffic. He really caught my attention, because I just finished the speech supporting Authorship and wrote "Google+: A Quick Start Guide" to guide beginners to use Authorship.

If Authorship is really a double-edged sword for SEO services , this will be a thorny problem. Still no one and any organization has the final conclusion, Matt Cutts, he wrote as follows. in Hacker News.

"Authorship has no effect on the decline of the website. Websites have been affected by our Penguin webspam algorithm and this is the cause. ”

Still there - even if it's just a hypothesis, that question is still a lot of people interested: Is their case, Authorship more harmful than the benefit it brings? I left a comment at the end of Yumashev: "Authorship and product pages cannot be a perfect combination."

The comment was immediately supported by many people. I also had similar public discussions when talking about this issue. My partner, Jim Rudnickagreed - fully agrees to this - "product page and Authorship, should not mix them together." Many people attending SEO training conferences , including executives, do not agree with this view.

Case studies on Google Authorship

When participating in a round table discussion at SES New York, I met the head of a company selling business productivity software. They are very interested in setting up Authorship for their website.

They are web savvy people and I'm not a great guide. After consulting, they had the tools needed to adapt to the Google+ Authorship.

A few weeks later, I received an unwanted email:

"Hi Chuck
Hey, we have set up Authorship as attached.
However, even though it was only installed within 2 weeks, our sales were "dropped" by 20% since it came into operation. Will this be a normal sign?
Owner? "
Usually, I will go into it and not really cause it, but we did not do so. Business partners refuse to request access to Google Analytics. Scope, our working limit is consulted on the settings of Google+ Authorship.

Although Yumashev is not the only one complaining about the Authorship, we received very little negative feedback. My personal experience and other customers are very happy about it. I answered his Mail:

Hello, business owner:
Nothing is happening there. Some controversy woke up a few weeks ago, also on this topic, someone claimed their traffic dropped 90% after using Authorship. But Matt Cutts said it was Penguin. caused not Authorship. You can refer to the following link:…hip-impact-ctr
Hope this will help you a lot
Because we do not have enough authority to handle this, I hope that I have brought business owners in the right direction. I want them to know that Yumashev will have to compensate for those statements.

Because the issue of GG Authorship has not been resolved clearly, customers are very considerate when using it

“Thank you Chuck, I appreciate your advice.
I've read a few posts you sent me, but obviously, we've had a significant drop in revenue.
I'll wait a few more weeks and yet If this incident continues, we are sorry to have to remove the Authorship
Business Owner "
His feedback really worries me. I hope to try my best to solve this problem.

Hi, business owner:
Let me check what happened. Everything will be fine
And, as you might have guessed, this is how it ended: Hi Chuck
Unfortunately, I had to remove Google Authorship - obviously it made the sales drop, not increased as we expected. I guess that's because people see my pictures and because they don't know me, they won't click the link.
We tried to wait for the change, but it seems that it is not satisfactory.
I was surprised if someone used it and increased sales.
Business owner
As an analyzer, his words made me think: " I guess that's because people see my image and because they don't know me, they won't click on the link. . "

I am curious that what will happen, once the Authorship is removed:

Hi business owner
I really care about this and whether you can give me a brief summary of events - impact - the company's reaction and what happened, what changed later when removing Authorship.
Hi Chuck
When we only installed Authorship in one day, I could see the traffic and customer interest in our service significantly reduced (20%). We waited a week and it still dropped by 20%, so I tried changing the profile picture for others (different colors ..). We waited another week, but the number of visits still decreased by 20%. I removed it, if it really had a bad impact, in the next 1-2 weeks, we will get the initial traffic, which will be the most authentic evidence.
Business Owner
According to customers, traffic has decreased by 20% and accordingly, revenue has also decreased by 20%. However, CTR is not affected. My mind now just wants to prove that this is absolutely not the fault of Authorship.

I was absolutely not surprised to know that the company after removing Authorship still did not solve the problem, and even, things were worse.

Hi, Chuck
Login amount still dropped significantly this week, and I sent a message with Webmaster account when installing Authorship, you can see the attached below:

Just search for 2 minutes, I found this article: this

They had exactly the same problem with us. We have removed our Authorship website, but it seems that it has not been completely removed. And so we are facing a big risk (sales revenue is currently down 33%).

Do you have any way to completely remove the Authorship, when we have removed the code?
Business owner

I thought very carefully about what he wrote.

Hi, the business owner
I will in turn answer his questions
1. Hi, Chuck
Login amount still dropped significantly this week, and I sent a message with Webmaster account when installing
CP Authorship : I Do not think this is the crux of the problem, perhaps he and I have a common confusion, does eliminating Authorship bring better results? This cannot be confirmed right away but requires a thorough research
2. Only searching for 2 minutes, I saw this article:…traffic -by-90 / this
CP: I am no stranger to this article. As I said before, Google has stated that this is Penguin's influence, not the Authorship
3. They had exactly the same problem with us. We have removed our Authorship website, but it seems that it has not been completely removed. And so we are facing a big risk (sales revenue is currently down 33%).
CP: You guys may have the same problem, but if that's the case, it's not an Authorship issue.
4. Do you have any way to completely remove the Authorship, when we have removed the code?
CP: Just remove the code and unlink the profile and everything will return to normal.
Maybe it's the Authorship's error but probably not.

I kept thinking that the thorough explanation above helped him understand the problem. But again:

Hi Chuck

I came to the following conclusions:
- We installed Authorship, but found that sales did not increase, especially decreased a bit, although there was no big impact but it was a significant difference attention.
- So after 2 weeks, the situation has not changed, I have removed it. On the same day, Google Webmaster reported it, and immediately, our store was dropped and our traffic dropped significantly (about 30% of revenue today).
It seems that Google has a really negative reaction to organizations that remove Authorship from websites.
That's what I conclude from what happened.

Business owner
In short, they concluded that the installation of Authorship caused a drop in traffic and the removal of Authorship was retaliated by Google in the form of downgrade.

Hi business owner:
In the articles I have read, I think you should read through this analysis:…traffic-by-90/ Chuck
Body And I soon Know the result: Hi Chuck This is not our case. It seems that this article writer does not have much knowledge of internet marketing and of course, I do not believe what (Google) has said (that it is due to Peguin) because it is how they protect their views on In- Authship In our case, we have great events taking place on very coincidental times Within 24 hours: - We have deleted Authorship - We immediately got the notice - We immediately got penalized in the rankings

- We have seen a sudden drop in traffic
- Sales within 3 weeks dropped to 50%
I have hired an independent SEO expert to investigate further but it seems that everything is not possible better
We can not help but wonder when the bad things that happen simultaneously in a few hours removed Authoryship. We have a lot of statistics about this, but I know what to say is only time consuming, Google will only say that it is Peguin's fault.
So, we are trying to build High quality links to get out of penalties from Google.

Business owner
I assume that customers have hired an "independent SEO expert" to review their situation, they are learning everything about Authorship.

Thank you, Chuck
When things are still not clear, I will not say anything in the next 12 months, we have used various measures to solve the same problem reported in Google Webmasters. Everything has so many "random" that I can't believe, why Google punished us on the right day to remove the Authorship
The truth about Authorship was exposed beforehand, we received the notice from webmaster and immediately dropped rankings.

Business owner
Now, I admit that Authorship may be related to this. But I don't have the same opinion with them. I think it has made changes on its one data collection sites, but that action has affected Panda algorithms.


I like a happy ending , but this is still a problem, but the end. I firmly believe that once Panda-related issues are resolved, the site will recover.

So what do you think - guests are right? Is Google taking revenge on them when they remove the Authorship? Or do you agree with me that the cause is more likely to be algorithms in nature and this is a case where correlation is mistaken for causality?

I really want to thank the customer for telling me this story. They are really smart people and fully believe that Authorship is the root of their current problem. I know they're worried and anxiously watching the changes to prove they're right and I'm wrong.

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