Google Adsense and things you don't know about SEO

Today we will bring you some analysis and concepts that we have collected on the internet about Google Adsense in particular and SEO in general.

Google Adsense is a Google advertising service launched in the middle of 2003. Web writers or even Bloggers can register an account to join this program and post Google ads on the page. their web. These advertisements are coordinated based on website content, reader IP addresses and a number of other factors. Google Adsense will generate profits for website owners based on the principle of charging for each click on Google Adsense ads on Webmaster's website.

Based on a number of special algorithms, Google uses its tools to provide links, limk advertising lines that are compatible and suitable for the website content (containing Google Adsense code) and appropriate to the language of the person reading the website.

What is SEO?
SEOer is too familiar with SEO definition, some others just research or search what SEO is, and they have been answered by google itself.

So here I will also define:

SEO also known as Search engine optimization, (short for search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing text content and website format (or structure) for search engines to choose the right website. Best service for Internet searchers. Simplicity can be understood SEO is a set of methods to put the website on the top 10 (first page) in the results pages of search engines.

Currently SEO is a very hot job and picking out a lot of money for SEOer, where to see SEO, SEO people, SEO houses, more than 100 businesses, up to 80% of businesses have websites, 60% of businesses towards SEO and in which about 30-40% of businesses thrive on SEO. So we can also understand how hot SEO is. Not to say far, I am an SEOer and I have also received many SEO contracts from small businesses to big ones, currently I have a few keywords such as industrial kitchen, restaurant kitchen ... and very Many of the other keywords that I'm not comfortable with are listed here, I remember correctly that the keywords of my previous months had very high rankings and the company's revenue shot up 2 or 3 times after Successful SEO.

Back to the main issue, Why did I come up with two concepts of Google Adsense? and what is SEO? and a title to say is also listed as a pretty attractive type of tit.

You know the emerging businesses such as Lazada, zalora, Chotot, shoptretho, tenten and many other units are doing a campaign that must be said that in Vietnam is in bloom and about to burst, war What is that translation, that is Google Adsense, so what businesses use Google Adsense campaign to do, the answer for you, I just suggest this like this, when you see a Clip in Youtube Notice that on the right side of the screen is the hot logo and banner that users are curious to click on, or it even shows the lower part of the screen of the clip so that the user can Click on it or click it off.

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