Google dropped the adword to the right of the SERPs SEO service to the throne

Google has officially removed the adword to the right of the SERPs , instead it only displays 1-4 ad positions above and at the bottom of the search page. The adword will increase, business individuals will focus on hiring seo companies to promote top keywords in a sustainable way at a reasonable cost.

The update is limited only to desktop computers, so traffic from your computer may be affected. Ads appearing below the 3rd or 4th position may see a decrease in clickthrough rates. And mobile ad layout will not be affected during this time.

Many AdWords representatives have confirmed the update and called it "global and permanent", but Google has not yet announced these changes. And you will see the sidebar ad disappear in the next few weeks. Google will roll out a big change that removes ads from the right side of its desktop search results, and puts ads only at the top and / or bottom of the page

shows two or three ads at the top of search results.
- Increased advertising bid
- Reduced display rate

Value of visits between SEO and Adword ads
- Customers often click on natural search results about 65% and the remaining 35% are from adword
- SEO ads that bring more potential visitors because Google Adword is affected by virtual clicks (ie competitors compete Click to drop the top keywords position.

Cost between Google Adword and SEO
- Google Adwords: You have to pay Google for each Click, so the number of visitors to your website increased through Google also means that the cost you pay for Google also increases. In addition, competitive keywords must have a high price to reach the Top, ie the fee for each Click will fluctuate depending on each keyword.
- SEO: The fee charged for SEO services is always fixed even though the number of users accessing your website increases over time.
Time for SEO and Google Adwords.

- SEO: time to push keywords to top 2 - 6 months from each level of competition of keywords.
- Google Adwords: Just 5 minutes of your ad will appear on the first page of search results.
So Google Adwords benefits more in terms of time.
Outstanding benefits of SEO compared to Google Adwords.
- The influence of SEO : When the website has been optimized and SEO, the long keywords (potential keywords) and keywords of other sites in the Domain with low competition are also pulled up. Increase keyword rankings
- Also with Google Adwords: Only affect the advertised URL only, other pages with the Domain have little impact.
So the influence of SEO is wider than that of Google ads. If you need to do seasonal keywords, use Google Adwords. You want your website to develop long-term, sustainably and strongly and with good profit in the online market, you use SEO services.

If google removes the ad on the right column, it means that the ad bid will increase, the percentage of ad impressions will decrease. Let your customers find you the way you find us.

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