How to become PRO SEO, the habits you need to have

Why do some people who are so good at what they do while the rest of the people do not do it? After consulting and thinking, I decided to write this article, do high-performance SEO people possess 7 habits below?

Not too hard to do. You can read a few articles online that apply to your website, increase your rankings, and within a few weeks you start participating in seo forums and windbreaks. Now you can show one or another person where they are doing wrong, how to optimize it effectively ... as what you read and then at the end of the day you ask yourself, "Have you seo good or not How to be an SEO expert? ”

If you want good seo you have to practice a lot ... not only on the customer website. Create your own website, build backlinks, track rankings. And the experience you gain on your website will be helpful when you use it on someone else's website.

The search world is always changing and you can't catch up by reading scattered articles in your SEO industry, practice it, it will help you have a better understanding of how to optimize in your way. You give higher rankings.

2. Accept risks and risks
I think that if you come into contact with any experienced seoer pro, you will be shocked about the number of banned or punished times from Google and Yahoo due to their wrong principles. They must have gone through Panda, Penguin and catastrophic traffic.

That's right. If you don't get punished, how can you know how to remove it, how can it be possible to be calm and calm with penguin or panda? If anyone has not been beheaded, he only knows how to follow the instructions in a blind way to avoid being punished and probably cannot taste the punished Google.

Saying that doesn't mean I recommend you violate Google's guidelines, but what I say you might want to try is on a site to get experience. If you are an active person you will quickly learn how to increase the rankings quickly.

For example: If you know I builink white hat with the keyword "professional website design company" will help increase rankings, you should also know that if I builink in a slow way then I can probably lose to the opponent Also builink for the word "professional website design company" that way but do it faster.

If you're not adventurous, you'll never learn those ways, so don't be afraid to try.

3. Want good seo training to build relationships
Relationships are always good in any case, it is not an exception in SEO. You want to be better in onpage or builing links, you should not stop building a network

Onpage is also nothing to keep private, so your easy help with on page advice is probably not too difficult. As for link building, imagine the relationship with friends with well-known websites?

Notice the big guys in Vietnam seo village that you have a close relationship, cooperation, collaboration. Because they understand that building a relationship and owning a winning mind is much more powerful than owning an inherent personal mindset of most Vietnamese people.

4. Constantly creating and learning
Seo is not new, because it is just onpage, link building, content but the way of each person brings different success. Knowing a lot, but those who are really successful tend to be creative people in their way of doing things different from others.

Creating effective ways is the result of trial, error, contemplation and keep trying until you create a successful SEO process. It is a consequence of habit 2.

Learning diligence is a mandatory factor in every career so SEO cannot be ignored. Where are you studing now? Learn in the relationships you have, learn in the internet where your language skills are required. Well, whether you want Pro or not, you still have to learn.

If you are a creative person to take advantage of it, creativity will give you a top advantage, but always keep in mind that you are ahead of your opponent, they will quickly capture your creativity sooner or later. late.

5. Must analyze
High rankings for keywords are one thing but if you don't know what the purpose of high ranking is beyond luck, you're not a pro seo. So most of your time for a race of keywords doesn't bring in revenue.

Let's start with a good keyword research strategy, track conversion rates and optimize landing pages. People who do good or pro seo know that traffic is not all but depends on the case of the website. The ultimate goal of doing SEO is to increase revenue at the lowest cost.

Do not focus 100% of your time just to build traffic, but focus on how to optimize revenue. Stop and keep track of what you can track, from your opponent's rankings to what they do, you have a lot of better material you will make better decisions.

6. Use a variety of tactics
Try to rethink whether your tendency to do SEO is to find a way to increase your keyword rankings and that's all you use. Even if it works well, I recommend you to diversify your strategy.

You have taken advantage of youtube, slideshare, inforgraphic or emerging social networks, you already have any builink models that are sustainable or still work hard to comment on the forum because it is still progressing well.

What I want to say is that you should not only rely on a certain strategy, but tomorrow, Google will not put the forum link into the ranking algorithm, is it you to bash and helpless in the middle? Think about this.

Good seo or pro seo has a strategy for sustainable SEO and a flexible search engine response.

7. Never rely solely on SEO
This may sound hard to accept when someone who does not believe in seo believes in what? But that's true, all your efforts can be engulfed by an update by Panda or Penguin. Even good content sites are still in the presence of sites worth being punished.

So if you are trying to increase traffic and revenue, take advantage of many channels such as banner ads, email marketing, PPC and anything you can think of to benefit your work. These will help you to diversify sources of income for you and no matter what happens to traffic from search you can still exist.

SEO is very good but you need to learn more marketing skills. I work in a professional website design company but my customers still come from other sources, not too dependent on SEO.

If you have done 7 things, admire you as a very good SEO, pro SEO. But if not, don't worry, it's not too late to start. Don't focus on it all at once, tackle each one until you own 7 habits of an effective SEO maker, a pro SEO.

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