How to build links in SEO - link building - in 2013

Link building in SEO services (Link Building) always faces a risk that is a cost problem. This will continue in 2013. The level of risk increases with the operation outside of Google Webmaster Guiderlines (Guide for google webmasters) is the major changes in the past years.

Improving algorithms with additional spam control by humans with Human Quality Raters makes Google more and more difficult in manipulating search rankings through junk links. . Many people believe that it is good news and I myself agree with that view.
Link building in SEO (Link Building)

High risk - for low value link building: including automatic link building programs like SENuke and using network links like All visitors who consulted us after receiving the warning "Unnatrual link" (Unnatrual link) understand this issue very well. This is not the only way, but it may be the fastest that makes you stick to the penalty of Google Penguin. So there is no reason to use these applications in 2013 anymore.

High risk - for high value link building: notably for link building programs that require a fee. Google's war on paid links came to an end in 2008 and it is clear that they will not tolerate any SEO organization or individual now. The reason why Gogle has to speak out and take the initiative in fighting paid links is because these links are overactive, even in 2013. Google said that they will penalize any SEOers who violate if as detected. Have you prepared yourself to receive Google's penalties like they did Dun & Bradstreet, JCPenney, Forbes and Overstock when these organizations were found to be asking for a link building fee?

Low risk - For low value link building: The most notable is "Penguin Paralysis". After Update Penguin, many webmasters become more "disciplined" in joining "ethical SEO". This also leads to many webmasters falling into the "content is king" trap - creating invalid content or having no relation about the object that the content is targeting. Of course, viewing "content is king" is safe but efforts to create content without attaching to marketing elements will not bring any benefit.

Low risk - For high value link building: These forms will become the standard for link building in 2013 and beyond. Making links with human's natural activities, review The article will bring high value. This link style is the future of link building in the future.

2. Before starting to build links for your website, you should:
Build an evaluation for the current backlink profile. Check to see if it meets the "Penguin" algorithm test.

Check and delete low value links. Tools like "Link Detox" may be useful for this.
Finding or creating useful content is the "valuable link". Be ready to facilitate social strategies and content strategies.
The best links always require content approval, so always aim for the effort to get such links.
Invest in backlink analysis tools like SEOMoz or Majestic SEO.

Incorporate the diversity of Anchor Text.
A natural backlink list includes the types of links that have been classified pointing to your website. Focus on building your link strategy around the following common link types:
Brand link: like Your Domain,,, YourDomain.
Link keyword anchor text exactly: The link anchor text should point to the exact page you are SEO on your website.
Link keyword is exactly one part: do not maximize the maximum for the exact anchor text keywords, otherwise you may stumble upon Google's phrase-based filter.
Generic Link: like "Read More" or "Click Here."
Page title link: some links should be similar to your page title.

People who are not affected by the average Penguin algorithm have about 53% of links pointing to the home page, whereas, the affected people have 68%.

Focus on quality rather than quantity
Penguin users who have a link list of 20% are backlinks from a spam site that is of poor quality and unreliable, and those who are not affected by this algorithm account for only 1%.
The "death" of the exact link anchor text is growing significantly.
The unaffected by the Penguin algorithm has a mixed keyword, the link profile accounts for about 46%, and the affected person is only 30%. As for Brand link, Non-affected people will account for 41%, APs account for 48%. This data has been compiled and verified by
Their research concludes that: if less than 50% anchor text is "keyword money will ensure you are not affected by Penguin updates and all sites affected by penguin contain> 60% anchor text as" Money keywords ”

When did your site get Penguin?
In any case, people affected by Penguin algorithm will have a higher percentage of links coming from unreliable websites.
In all cases the affected people will have higher anchor text Band name ratios than the correct anchor text and anchor text "Money"
In all cases the affected people will have the links to the higher homepage.
Having multiple links with better quality is the right way to build links in 2012 and the following years.
Diversify traffic sources: search for other traffic sources (media) to avoid future updates of google.

Step by step forming link building strategies to assess the current situation.
3. Top 7 link building strategies get Penguin approval

1. Improve the links you currently own:

Using Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) to detect broken links Go to
GWT, click on your website then "Site health" and "Crawl Errors" on the left side of the nav. A list of URLs and verification codes will appear at the bottom of the page.
"Fix" broken links using 301 redirect

2. Auto-link tool set automatically

Use the original auto-link tool like or a script like Adam Dimech.
According to Tynt, these automated links can increase website visitors by up to 40% more, which is also a suitable non-anchor text link.

3. Create image links

If your website is designed with CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), submit it with CSS directories like CSS Mania, Best Web Gallery or CSS Elite.

4. Niche Directories Directory of good quality and in accordance with the domain of the website:

Quality - Make sure the directory is indexed. Most quality directories are paid directories, entry tickets are barriers to spammer.
Compatibility: website listings must be classified appropriately.

5. Doing charity or not profit (nonprofit)

Please search the phrase "donator page" and "donations page", you will receive a menu of charity organizations.
Typical prices are: $ 100- $ 200.

6. Join local businesses

Links from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​and the Chamber of Commerce (independent non-profit organization) are valuable links for link building and trust building.
Consider your membership costs as business expenses. You will not only benefit from valuable links but also build trust and add new local traffic.

7. Use your Twitter profile for link building

Kristi Hines has identified 15 sites that link automatically to your site using information on your Twitter profile that allows you to log in to Twitter and add links. You can find out more details here details.

Summary of link building trends in SEO training in 2012:

If you follow these instructions, you will skip the start step for link building in 2013 and in the future. Please pay attention to this issue as we will discuss some of the more advanced link building methods here next month. Do you have a link building strategy for yourself?

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