Instructions on how to fix Google's Pure Spam actions with Matts Cutts

Google has released a series of 7 videos designed to help webmasters address spam issues that are found on their websites. Google Webmaster Tools has provided more details about why a website may be penalized, and these videos are designed to help you know exactly what kind of manual spam action your website is affected by. and guide specific steps for you to fix these problems.

Author's Note: This is the first of my series that describes in detail the spam warnings that webmasters can find displayed in Google Webmaster Tools. So what should webmasters do to fix these problems and make the alerts disappear?

What is pure spam?
Google considers Pure Spam to be spamming anything, and one person can recognize this spam action just by having a little bit of technology knowledge. Cutts said that Pure Spam includes: automatically making a mistake, automatically deleting a website or domain name, or an illegal act of someone to create as many websites as possible before they are issued. show, ... ''.

Matts said that this is the type of spam that Google will act most aggressively when doing SEO services . He also added that it is rare, but there is a case of reviewing for websites that are considered as Pure Spam because many webmasters have approached this with their illegal methods.

For example, here is a picture of the spam action that generated the grammatical errors of a website that Cutts mentioned a few years ago:

Sometimes there are cases where website owners buy another domain just to discover whether there is a large amount of spam in this website's history, which has made it difficult for a new owner. then with this domain. People can search the domain history on and know what kind of spam is still going on, if so, the new owners will start the site with no spam content being discovered.

If this kind of thing happens to you, you need to be especially concerned to make sure that the new website you are attaching previously spammy domains is still of high quality and without any content. confused as spam. You also need to create actions that send a signal to Google that your website is really trustworthy and it should be indexed normally.

If your website is warned as 1 Pure Spam, this may be one of the most difficult spam issues to fix because now it has been listed as the most spam site. This means that when you submit a review request, you must ensure that no location on your website can be considered spam.

When you try to clean up, make sure everything that violates Google's Webmaster guidelines must be completely removed, along with the principles of SEO training quality must be followed word by word word by word. . You should consider this work from the point of view of building a completely new website with new quality content on it.

Matts said it is important for webmasters who are trying to clean up a Pure Spam alert to record everything they do even if it is a domain name purchased from a previous owner. This will help you detect and remove spam that you don't notice on your website.

Finally when you submit a review request, make sure you have taken all of the above steps to "clean up" it so that Google can investigate and decide if the website has actually moved to 1 phase. new paragraph or not?

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