Matt Cutts: The 3 biggest mistakes that SEOer Vietnam has

Matt explained that one of the biggest misconceptions that he sees in SEO services is the confusion between data refresh and algorithmic updates. Algorithm updates are when Google changes the algorithm of ranking search results, indexing or filtering information. Refreshing data is when Google updates the data of the running algorithm. For example, Google had an Penguin 4 update, before that, Penguin 3 and 2 were mostly just refreshing data.

2. Panda & Penguin updates are for Google's advertising revenue goals:
There are many people who think of Google's release algorithm update with the short-term goal of increasing Google's revenue. It is completely wrong, the algorithms are completely separate from Google's revenue goals.

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For example: Panda Because the goal is to eliminate low quality content sites that generate revenue primarily on Google AdSense revenue. This problem that you run Google AdSense should pay attention.

Then Matt came in to explain how Google considers long-term goals for users to have the best search results.

Obviously, this is Matt's PR face, but in my opinion, he's 100% confident of it.

3. SEO training is too interested in link building & Search engines:
Matt's final point in the video is about what SEO is so focused on links and search engines without regard to users. Matt said businesses or individuals should spend more time on social media and other areas to help build a better brand.
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