SEO is the cheapest and most effective form of online marketing

Hiring units to make website services is the most optimal form of cost and brings the highest efficiency for businesses, applying the standard rules when doing business SEO will achieve unexpected results SEO (search engine optimization) is not just about optimizing search engines

After experiencing the "Google rage" last year, some marketers got rid of SEO games and opted instead to use paid traffic to create their leads and prospects. However, when done correctly (and ethically), there is no match for longevity, consistency and quality of the lead flow you will experience from SEO. Today, I want to give you an insider's insight in how to do this well.

All of my businesses are built entirely on organic SEO, and if I stop doing everything today, they will continue to meet high quality lead flows continuously for months to come. This is not just the case with payment flow. Of course, the best marketing systems use both organic and paid traffic.

In this article, I will give you my thoughts on a time-tested and proven strategy to create your SEO regimen.

All marketing is built on the notion of "desire" - ie, you want something (whether it's clothing, food, information, better abs or something else), and a The number of businesses associated with marketing promises to meet that desire.

In his book, the "advertising breakthrough," the last (and great) Eugene Schwartz says that marketing cannot (and should not) create a public desire, but "it can only take hope and dreams." , those fears and desires existed in the hearts of millions of people, and focused on existing desires into a specific product. "

This is true. Great marketing, whether it is paid or organic advertising (SEO), is built on this principle. In the old days, the only way to exploit this would be to have the mass market appear in front of where the market happened (television, newspapers or other media).

This has been (and is) expensive and dangerous. If you pay large amounts of money to run an ad on television, and you misdiagnose the desire of the market, you will not make any money.

Simply spending money on advertising does not guarantee a profit on that ad.

Organic marketing, like SEO, gives you the opportunity to reverse this recipe. Instead of having to go out, where your market is located, you can attract your market, making them come to you.

This has changed everything: Now you can put together marketing and meet the expectations of your market at a cheap (or free) price without fearing too much if you need misdiagnose or otherwise get it wrong.

SEO: Self-funded, self-tuning lead Generator
Here is a simple formula that will help you wrap your brain around SEO:

(B1 + B2 = DP), DP ≅ Your organic strategy = $$$

(Trust + Behavior = Decision Patterns), Decide Patterns ≅ Your Organic Strategy = Sales

The first "B" is faith. Second "B" is behavior. Belief and behavior are always correlated; Together, they create the "Decision Patterns" of potential customers. (Tune in to this interview with Artillery founder Marketing Douglas BURDETT to learn more about personality buyers identification.) I'm going to get deeper into a bit.

When the "Decision Patterns" of your prospects are congruent with your organic strategy, your SEO kicks into the hyperdrive, and you begin to see serious traction.

There are actually four levels of your organic strategy (SEO):

Advanced (search words, PPC terminology).
First Channel (indirect content).
Blog Level (related blog topics and lead generation tools).
Back-end (automation of marketing and database marketing).
Today, we will outline the first two levels. In Part 2 of this series, I solved the last two levels.

Attractional SEO: Getting people to come to you
The first level is "high level".

Instead of going out to set up a store in front, where the market is located, the internet allows you to build marketing assets that will "pull" potential customers to your business. This starts with the top level of your SEO strategy: determine your specific offer conditions and your marke t.

Many refer to this as "PPC Terms" because they are your prospects that are included in Google when looking for a solution. (If you are a little rusty on your PPC definitions, this article from PPC Hero provides a brief glossary.)

We do this by giving your marketable beliefs and behaviors. For example, if you are an online marketing consultant dedicated to serving wealthy businesses in Boston, you can come up with this list:

Email marketing consultant Boston
digital marketing agency
experienced consultants InfusionSoft
Landing page optimization specialist
This is your overall list, but it only has the highest level. Remember, there is a correlation between those who are searching and the behaviors they perform. This means that your search term will be divided into different quality levels, which we will get into later.

The second level is you "Top Of Channels."
The top of the channel is an indirect area of ​​interest. For example, by using the same scenario as above, you can come up with the "Top Of Channel" list of terms:

How To Email Newsletters Better
How To Create Profits
Autoresponder Series Compare InfusionSoft to Hubspot
Case Study of Email Marketing for Ecommerce Business
This is all going to attract interested people in your specific offering, and you can use them to create "blocks" of your SEO strategy. Workshops, white papers, free reports and so on "other opt-in" devices can be created from the "Top Of Channels" language.

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