Several SEO tips to improve your website's keyword ranking on Google search results

If you have spent a lot of time with SEO training, then you've probably grasped the basic SEO concepts and tricks. You can study keywords effectively, change titles, descriptions for websites ... The above method is called conducting onpage for a website.

Using synonyms in SEO plans for your blog or website is quite common. Finding synonyms is not always easy to do.

I think the best way to search for these terms is to use Google. The Sometimes you can go to a higher level than just making your website's meta tags filled ... And you believe you are an SEO expert?

In addition to the basics, which method is better?

Don't worry, the following article will help those who don't have as much experience as I do on Onpage at a higher level even though we are not yet an experienced SEO maker .

reason is that you can see not only synonyms but how they are ranked in competitor pages.

To search for synonyms on Google just put the tilde (~) icon before your search term.

For example: "~ seo". You will see the synonym "search engine optimization" in bold on SERP.

With this method you already have some synonymous keywords to use as a variety of internal links.

If you want to search for synonyms without your phrase in the results, do this: "~ + phrase - phrase".

By using synonyms in content you can see that your website is rated well with many long-term words related to high rankings.

2. Link to the website with high reputation.
Experts say that it is very important to have a link to a website with a high authority website. The search engine will evaluate your website well when linked from reputable and translated Seed sites. Good SEO service .

So what are the reputable websie here?

These are sites like Dmoz, yahoo directory,,, vnexpress, dantri and many other websites that you have not noticed.

Getting a link from a reputable website can make your website more trusted by Google. But do you know when your website has an Outbound link for a trusted site that can boost the ranking?

Your article is linked to a famous website like Vnexpress, will increase the reliability of your Website (I am applying that method in this article itself) .

The trick to adding links to highly reputable websites helps Google evaluate your site regarding highly reputable sites, and your website will have more chances of getting better rankings in the future.

3. Update new content on the website on a regular basis
Google loves a website that has lots of fresh, non-duplicated content and is constantly updated. Updating content continuously brings a lot of traffic from articles to your website.

But do not forget to regularly refresh the pages on your website. This is a signal for Google to know that you regularly update content for that website and they will visit more often.

The fact that Google visits your website often can increase your trust and your website will have a chance to get higher rankings on the search engine.

Some ways to get fresh content that you can do are adding Wiggets Top Commenter, Recent Comment Twitter updates, Tumblr Updates on the homepage. You can also comment, update posts, update images for website pages.

You should try to update important pages on your website several times a month.

4. Focus on keyword definitions
I will conduct a little experiment on with the keyword "admin"

The first position belongs to Wiki with a definition of "governance".

The second time I still searched with the keyword "strategy"

The first two results also belong to Wiki with two articles defining "strategy" and "strategic management".

The third time with the word "Strategy" on The first results still belong to the Wiki and Dictionary pages

After the experiment, do you have any questions about why Wiki pages always rank high on Serp?

Because Wiki articles always provide the most detailed definitions, content, towards the content of the keyword.

My advice is that you should practice writing "definition" articles such as Wiki and Dictionary pages.

It is difficult when you can pass competent websites if only good content is written. But if you are less competitive, you can take the lead.
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