Value of the link when doing website service

The misuse of links when making seo services has a big impact on the promotion of keywords on google. What will happen if the link in seo has no criteria to evaluate the website. The value of the link whether there is any meaning. Let's find out

With Google and search engines, each backlink is considered a link for spider to help link and collect data. In SEO (Search engine optimization), each backlink is valuable as a website to help the website up TOP.

But you can rest assured, Google will never give up calculating the backlink to the ranking factor of the website, imagine the websites, they are independent islands, and the only way to connect. They are backlink together, while this factor is the easiest factor to count, report and rank, unlike Facebook's Like button, many times when they Like to be born like LIKE, but actually maybe they haven't read the content yet

On the international seo forum, did you open the thread that whether Google was thinking about underestimating the role of backlink in seo? In which there are many sharing of experts, most of them will say that Google is far from giving backlink big grin.

Quality links are conditions on top of keywords
Since Google updated the Penguin algorithm, the variety of anchor text has been noticed more than ever. Diversifying anchor text helps you to naturalize your backlink profile in front of Google's eyes so that your website achieves a sustainable ranking. The variety of backlink makes many of you worry SEO transfer through the use of less effective anchor text types: here, click here

Nothing can replace the backlink in the current time, and the link is always a necessary and sufficient condition to decide the top keywords when doing seo services because the backlink is one of the ranking factors that the bot is "smart." "Google can rely solely on analyzing the links between websites, so it can't be dropped, not to mention the main story of Google's starting point based on this algorithm for development. , instead of web rankings like Yahoo (consider the same keyword domain), Google relies on backlinks and content.

Backlinks or links are always valuable when doing SEO on google

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